Parents’ Perspective

If you think your child needs extra developmental support or may benefit from therapy, my advice is simple: trust yourself. Parenting a child with special needs is a humbling, challenging, and gratifying journey. As a pediatric speech-language pathologist who specializes in childhood development, I work closely with children and their caregivers to support them, celebrate milestones, and to foster a safe environment designed for success.

Laura & Corbett’s Journey

In this inspiring interview, you’ll learn about Laura’s heroic journey with her autistic son Corbett. From identifying the early signs of developmental disabilities to achieving unbelievable heights, learn more about how working with Ginger Jones and her team of therapists helped transform a family.

Lexi & Jaime’s Quest

In this video, Jaime shares the journey of her daughter Lexi, who was born deaf. Walk with Jaime as she details her quest for answers, her determination to help her daughter learn to hear, and how Ginger’s guidance all worked together to transform Lexi into the amazing student athlete that she is today.

Stacy & Jace’s Story

Jace, who suffered a stroke in utero, was born with cerebral palsy and hearing loss. With Ginger’s compassionate care and the devotion of his mom, Stacy, this incredible young man has graduated from naming his colors after Sesame Street characters to solo trips to the ice cream shop with friends.