39 Things I Have Learned This Year…

39 Things that I have learned this year in no particular order:


  • To not take things personally. It’s never about me. 
  • That’s it’s ok to rub essentials oils in my nostrils (a friend told me)…
  • That I’ve been blessed to grow up around really good people and to still have lots of people from childhood in my life.
  • That I should accept I will constantly be changing my productivity and work habits.
  • That I prefer people who get real, real quick.
  • That I have to brain dump alllllll the business ideas in my head on the regular or I can’t focus
  • That those things that you remember from growing up…the good and the bad…those things stick with you. Hold onto the good and work thru the bad.
  • That even when you have something you always dreamed about, after a while, it loses its significance IF you don’t make a conscious effort to remember that you once prayed for it.
  •  To simply say I’m sorry when I stick my foot in my mouth.
  •  That while I don’t consider myself to be sentimental, the prospect of my parents moving out of my childhood home was hard for me.
  •  The incredible value of being honest.
  •  That it’s good for me to really feel like the dumbest person in the room.
  •  That I get super motivated when someone says it can’t be done.  Cue Eye of the Tiger.
  •  That bullies still exist when you are a grown up…especially if you work with health insurance companies.
  •  That as much as I talk about what I do, people really don’t know what I do.
  •  That many situations needed me to communicate more clearly…which is funny because all is clear in GingerLand.
  •  That God brings some really great people into our lives to teach us things at exactly the moment we need them.
  •  To make a list of things that I need to do daily to be my best. I don’t always do them all, but the list helps me when I start to get overwhelmed.
  •  That the pain of stepping on legos is REAL.
  •  That the tears from someone being mean to your child or excluding him are some of the hardest tears to watch. But that those tears and those conversations are what is shaping them.  
  •  People can only rise to the highest expectation you have of them. So expect a lot and believe they are capable.
  •  That I’m super annoyed by people, who have to stand up and get their bags as soon as the plane lands.
  •  That it is ok to avoid a confrontation or a difficult conversation if you will truly do the work to get over it.
  •  That I don’t just hate needles for me…I will pass out when someone else is getting poked and prodded.
  •  That out of all my parenting fails almost nothing makes me feel as bad as realizing I forgot to put sunscreen on my kids.
  • That if I ever think I am not leaving a mark on people’s lives in my work, I should remember all the people I’ve ever worked with who credit me with teaching them to  wash their hair less #lifehack
  •  That I will never figure out snapchat other than how to take a picture with the filters.  
  •  That I wasn’t that good at parenting…I just had a easy first kid…oh Dean Jones.  
  •   That a familiar Airbnb can really become home away from home.
  •   That you should really sit on a couch, like for a LONG time, before you buy it.
  •  That sometimes broken things get put back together and sometimes they don’t.  Either way we have work to do there in the brokenness.
  •   Every Easter I say I won’t get those Hershey eggs, but I still do.  
  •  That yoga can be as Spiritual as church.
  •  That I can cry for someone I barely know going thru something I have gone thru. What a wonderful thing about being a human with all these others humans.  We are never alone.
  •   That coming from a place of abundance is always better than approaching life from a place of lack.
  •  If you do a huge cheesy grin and give double thumbs up for the pic for your gym membership card that it will, without fail, make every person who checks in smile and tell you they love your pic, every time.
  •  To send that text or email that God puts on your heart. There’s a reason.  That message, that person. They need it.
  •   That resentment only hurts me.
  •   That feeling joy is better and different than feeling happy.

And 1 to grow on…


  • That when another’s behavior triggers an emotion in me, that is really God showing me something I need to work on in myself.  


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